"I AM," Myself, & Me: "The Book of Adam" Excerpt | Adam Farley

“Every single time I put together any amount of continuous sobriety; I would hit this concrete wall in my spiritual progression, and repeatedly fall back into the pit from where I had just emerged”

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Excerpt from "I Am," Myself, & Me: "The Book of Adam”

Adam Wayne Farley released his memoir "I Am," Myself, & Me: “The Book of Adam” where he bares his soul about his 30-year struggle with alcohol, Xanax, cocaine and methamphetamine addictions, yet his journey and understanding goes so much deeper than substances. Through a spiritual lens he explains that with the duality of light and darkness in a human being, he does not need to condemn or hate his entire being, when only half of his anatomy of worth to be discarded

Read an excerpt from his new memoir below and click here to be directed to the full book on Amazon.

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I am a dichotomy of a human being, created and wonderfully made of a yin and of a yang, of “a right” and of “a wrong.” I am a duality of light and of darkness; a combination of both good and evil. I am One in the two; separated but whole, and I am a shattering completion in the glass.

I have come to an understanding that we are spiritual beings in a physical body, and because of the body, it is natural to view this world through physical eyes. It is how we see.

However, there is a difference between “physical sight” and “spiritual vision,” and for one to gain access and become One with the Kingdom of Heaven, he or she must simply adjust their view of this Kingdom here on Earth. They are parallel Kingdoms indeed.

The picture on the cover of this memoir was taken in a broken mirror that was lying on the streets of West Hollywood, California. And unlike most snapshots in the entertainment capital of the world, this one has not been photoshopped.

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I have suffered three extreme relapses to drugs and alcohol since this photograph was taken of myself in 2015, and multiple ones prior to this date; predominantly due to my own, personal 30-year struggle with alcohol, Xanax, cocaine and methamphetamine addictions. I have come to, yet another, great understanding that I do not have to condemn or hate my entire being when only half of my anatomy is worthy to be discarded and abhorred. Surely, if you are like me; addict or not, you understand the darkness as opposed to the light. If so, will you PLEASE consider my heart, for it has been poured out and “fearfully” spilled onto the pages of this memoir unto thee.

Every single; solitary time... “I would hit this ceiling in my journey to a greater spiritual understanding of God, and always come up short; lacking the spiritual wisdom to break through its sealing wall. I intuitively knew that there had to be something more than what I had previously found, and I just couldn’t pinpoint exactly what I had been missing... until now.”

You see, my thought life was “entrapped” and “encapsulated” in a corner box of my mind; and traumatized by a “LIMITING,” not to mention, fanatical and religious point of view, even though my Christian upbringing proved CRUCIAL for my survival. Therefore, this obscured veil of misunderstanding rendered unto me the incapability of honestly answering the most redundant question of a lifetime. “WHY???”

From my own personal experience, I couldn’t break the cycle of addiction simply because of THREE major character defects; two of which were:

  1. I had become WAY too self-righteous concerning other people and their faith in their personal choice of religion

  2. I was programmed, from the moment I arrived on this planet to look at this world from a “physical” standpoint only; unknowingly training myself to look outwardly, the very moment I came out of the womb.

I can assure you, gentle ladies and gentlemen, that I was in “over my head,” figuratively speaking, and suffering from an ACUTE drug and alcohol addiction. And to make my matters worse, every single time I put together any amount of continuous sobriety; I would hit this concrete wall in my spiritual progression, and repeatedly fall back into the pit from where I had just emerged.

Therefore, when it felt like I was going down with the ship, as a “drowning man” losing his battle to stay afloat. This POWERfrom within me, “USED THE EXACT AND VERY WORDS” from the songs of a fallen Angel, commonly known as Lucifer, to breathe into me...


SUDDENLY!!! The Archangel, Michael of the Music, “REOPENED” LUCIFERS’ case before me. And I began to hear as my great grandfather heard... with the “SPIRITUAL EARSof “The Great Conductor.”

So, I encourage you now, if ever you have fallen, to follow me in a “Vision,” if you will.

The closest that I have ever physically been to perfect was at the very moment of conception, but by the time I was born, I had unknowingly been exposed to nine months of negativity in the womb of my mother. As all infants are, simply due to the negative energy, and emotion, she was exposed to by any and everyone who came into contact with her displaying a negative attitude.

NEVERTHELESS, I was still an “angelic” image of perfection in the eyes of mama and daddy on the day I was born.

As I grew up, my spiritual life grew down, and after many years of alcohol and drug abuse, I experienced what is commonly known as “a spiritual death,” and I fell in to a pit of despair. Scripture says, if you will, that Lucifer “was” an angel, cast out of the realms of the Heavens into a place known as Hades; a dark and fiery pit, where there is “weeping and gnashing of teeth”; a land abstinent of all pure water, commonly known as hell.

My life eventually became very, very darkened due to intravenous methamphetamine use, which in turn, produced many “hellish” characteristics such as “extreme dehydration.” And even with the access to an unlimited supply of water, my body simply refused to drink. I was constantly and continuously thirsty, but my mind was in control. My body temperature would escalate while “burning up with fever,” and I would “pop and grind the molars” in my mouth.

I CRIED” for help a thousand times while my family wept in vain, but my Spirit was cast into a pit... just as Lucifer’s was sentenced. But what I had failed to understand went hidden and unnoticed, for I TOOOOOOOO was once an Angel, in the eyes of mom and daddy, just as Lucifer was once an Angel in the eyes of FATHER TIME.

My question unto you is very simple, “How forgiving is your Father God?” As for me, myself and I; well, mine forgave the devil, and the Lucifer in me.

Poor ole Lucifer, he had so much potential. Poor, poor Adam... so did I.

Or could it just be possible that there is hope for everyone? I will leave this up to you to decide.

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"I Am," Myself, & Me: "The Book of Adam” is available NOW on Amazon.


Adam Wayne Farley

Los Angeles, Ca, USA