The UNCrushed Podcast #4: MK Hurlbutt & Molli Sullivan, Founders & Hosts of She's Thriving


“The more we can break this down in our interpersonal relationships with one another, the more freedom and confidence we will have in bringing that authenticity in the greater world”

MK Hurlbutt & Molli Sullivan, SoulCycle instructors and hosts of the She’s Thriving podcast, both left their jobs in the finance and tech sector to help others thrive in their journey for mental & physical wellness. MK & Molli share their stories and knowledge they have picked up that have helped them become the best versions of themselves.


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00:00 - Introduction to MK & Molli

1:30 - How MK and Molli got started. Busting out of homeostasis instant sparks! Soul cycle beginnings!

8:30 - Feeling honored to be able to make others feel great

14:54 - How MK got her super powers. The first time you lose someone in your life. Reflecting on where your priorities are. People matter most. That’s my super power

19:18 - Molli’s version of their story. I have always been aware of my body image. We all get to own ourselves. Always felt it’s so beautiful to be human

22:28 - Adversities like family, media, self-image, drugs. How did you two get passed these? My healing path is discovering deeper layers. We are partners in wellness

26:04 - Meditation, sleep, and social, oh my!

31:10 - Shame gremlins and why they matter. Making light of our intense feelings

35:55 - Trying to channel my most healed, loving and compassionate self. There are days when we draw people in. Then there are days where I am barely hanging on, myself. You’re allowed to be your complete self

39:00 - We’ve become more isolated as society. Carving out opportunity for connection is so important

41:55 - The idea of “yes, and”. You have to work with the thing that has been given to you

43:08 - Tools in the tool belt

46:49 - It’s hard until you get into the swing

48:43 - MK and Molli talk burnout. We’ve come to find that we love and understand each other’s needs. Trial and error tells you when you’ve gone too far