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The following are the main types of content that we share:

  • Personal Experience

  • Opinion Piece

  • Feature Piece

  • Book Excerpt


Content written for UNCrushed will remain the exclusive property of UNCrushed Inc. and its licensors. If you wish to reproduce or republish your article on other platforms, you must seek express permission from UNCrushed Inc. If permission is provided, we will request you only publish part of the article on another platform, hyperlinking back to the original article on UNCrushed.


Please provide a high-quality headshot.


Send your submissions to shareyourexperience@uncrushed.org. For video submissions, please upload the downloadable file and email us the link with shared access.


We release new content each week, so please do not be disappointed if we can’t publish your experience straight away. We will endeavor to let you know the planned publishing date.


In submitting your content to UNCrushed, you provide us permission to share it publicly across all platforms.

Contributors are welcome and encouraged to share their articles via social media and their own direct channels.

Personal Experience:

We recommend using the below format when sharing your personal experience:

  • What It Was Like

  • What Happened

  • What It Is Like Now

We want people to find the light in your darkness so please include self-care tools that you have used as part of your recovery / balanced life.

Please focus on your personal experience and recovery, avoiding direct defamatory statements about others. The views and opinions expressed in content shared will remain those of the contributor and do not necessarily reflect the views of their employers or UNCrushed Inc.

Written Article submissions

Length and Formatting:

For personal experience articles, we recommend 800–1200 words in length. We also welcome longer, heavily researched feature piece articles, on a case-by-case basis.

Please include a recommended title, subheadline as well as three topics that best describe the article (e.g. Depression, Grief, Addiction)

Research and Stats:

Please utilize hard facts and figures, with applicable references to the original research.


Contributors are welcome to hyperlink sources for their articles, but we ask that you limit this practice to one hyperlink per 150 words.


If you include any images within the article, please ensure the appropriate permissions have been gained to use it.


All articles are subject to light editing to ensure fit for the UNCrushed overall format and intent, as well as for grammar, style, and structure. All articles will be presented to the author for approval before publishing.

VIDEO submissions

All videos will be embedded within the written article, as well as accessible directly.

Length and Formatting:

We recommend keeping videos to no more than 5 minutes in length.

Shooting Video on Mobile

Tips to Start:

  • Pay attention to the background and colors; the eye is drawn to the most brightly colored part of the scene; make sure the brightest point is the point of interest (YOU!).

  • Carefully consider lighting and make sure that there are no distracting shadows, especially on your face (a common occurrence with overhead lighting).

  • Avoid visual distractions, such as idly moving the mouse in a screen-captured video.

  • Record in the highest possible quality and resolution, even though you will compress the final video.

  • Maintain the quality of the original recording throughout the editing process; leave compression to the last step.

  • Keep the camera stable and level is vital. Tripods are a low-cost way to get the most out of your camera or mobile; use a tripod whenever possible.

  • Lighting makes a huge difference in perceived quality. For indoor recordings, if you have access to a diffuse light source, use it. Avoid overhead lights that cast shadows, and avoid light sources that are directly visible to the camera.

When Shooting:

  • Video must be in horizontal format. When shooting with a phone (iPhone or Android), please shoot in horizontal format, not in vertical format. To ensure footage is right side up, please make sure the phone’s bottom “Home” button is on right side of camera when held horizontally.

  • Shoot in quiet area. Turn off any music/radio/TV that is playing in the room. TRADEMARKED MUSIC IS NOT PERMITTED ON THE VIDEO. Try to turn off fans/air conditioners or other noisy machines and appliances.

  • If you have one, you may be able to plug a microphone into camera or phone. Hold or place microphone close on your collar without it showing. Listen to a playback with headphones to make sure you are recording audio clearly.

  • Begin shooting 5 seconds before you start talking, wait to turn off camera for 3-5 seconds after you finish talking.

  • Please do not use zooms or quick panning/camera movements.

  • The main light source should be behind the camera. Subjects should be brightly lit. However, try to avoid having bright light sources such as windows, lamps, sunlight, etc., behind who/what you are filming. Lights should be shining on front, not behind you, otherwise you will be darker than the background.

  • Save the mp4 recording and send to shareyourexperience@uncrushed.org

Remember: Trademarked music played in or added to your video and logos/branding (on food packaging, T-shirts, hats, etc.) are not permitted in your video.