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Tim has the motto of “Live Life. Give Back. Change Lives” - Committed to always over-delivering, constantly learning, creating change and making an impact. He is passionate about giving back through volunteering & fundraising and partnering with some impactful non-profits.

Tim created as a result of his first-hand experience with mental health conditions including addiction, depression and grief following the sudden loss of his Dad in 2013. He felt passionately about creating a platform and community for people to share their experiences with mental health, starting to break down the associated stigmas in the workplace. Only through talking about these challenges can we encourage people to reach out for help that will help them live their best lives.

He has extensive global experience in sales and marketing over the last 10+ years. He currently holds the position of Senior Director Product Marketing at Salesforce, having worked for them in Europe and USA, creating a number of strategic initiatives for sales professionals including their Sales Thought Leadership program and 






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Janelle is a strategic performance coach and has a unique ability of creating fast and critical solutions. Janelle has trained hundreds of first responders on resiliency, wellness and resolution. She previously specialized in strategic accounts and partnerships for Acadia Healthcare.

Janelle co-founded UNCrushed as she feels passionately about supporting people that are struggling with trauma and addictions, having lost her Dad to a relapse in 2014. He struggled with depression and PTS from the Vietnam War but just couldn’t find the courage to ask for help. She really resonates with Steve Gutzler’s quote “The most courageous act a leader can do is ask for help”.

Janelle is a certified “Train the Trainer” for the United States Air Force’s Master Resiliency Program. Master Resiliency Training is a preventative approach to addressing the challenges that military members face by focusing on the four pillars of a healthy mind – mental, social, spiritual, and physical. Janelle has earned a certificate of honor from the US Capitol in saving many lives within the first responder population. She served as a member of The Officer Safety and Wellness Committee for the FBI National Academy Associates.






Lindsey Boggs.jpg

Lindsey’s sales career started in 2010, quickly rising to the top, crushing her quota and making President’s Club in her first year. Lindsey soared to Linkedin fame in 2015, receiving their highest Social Selling Index (SSI) score, recognized for her unique and effective outreach for prospecting and was even a featured keynote with Shaquille O’Neal at LinkedIn’s annual conference. Lindsey’s sales leadership has led to her consulting with various companies around the world.

At the height of her social media & career success, she was hiding a sinister secret - she was alone, her life was crumbling, and depression ruled her frenetic posting on social media. It appeared she had it all: the perfect family, the house, the car, and the career but her whole world came crashing down in 2016 when her sister unexpectedly died from a brain aneurysm. The events shortly after led her to a suicidal path that led her to a mental institution. Addicted to social media and prescription drugs became Lindsey's go-to during her downfall. Lindsey knew she needed help and began a long journey towards recovery.

Lindsey co-founded UNCrushed in hopes to help people across the world that struggle suicidal thoughts, anxiety, depression, and ultimately break the stigma of mental health.





Alyssa Felix.jpeg

Alyssa Felix runs social media strategy and engagement for UNCrushed. She has been passionate about mental health her entire life - always genuinely curious to learn more about how it impacts herself, those around her, and the best ways to cope with it. 

She has always been a top performer. She graduated from Virginia Tech Magna Cum Laude. While in college, she worked at a call center for three years & worked at the preschool on campus. She paid her own rent and bought her own books while juggling academics. 

After she graduated in 2012, she quickly started achieving in her career and was promoted and relocated after a year and a half in her first job. She considers herself a high functioning individual with depression and anxiety that sneakily and steadily creeps in when she least expects it. 

This perfectionist mentality combined with the location of Washington D.C. and fast paced lifestyle can be incredibly overwhelming. In January 2019 she was admitted to a mental health treatment center due to suicidal ideation and was diagnosed with major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety. While there she worked through childhood trauma (which she wouldn’t have even called trauma until she learned more about it). She learned the importance of prioritizing mental health in her life and continues to find any opportunity to be involved in advocating for mental health. 



grant greene

creative & media

Grant Greene.jpg

Grant is a SaaS video content expert, currently leading RingLead’s content marketing team as the Creative Director.

Since graduating from Northwestern University’s Radio/TV/ Film school, Grant has held video, film production positions at The Fader, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and The Insurrection.

At RingLead, Grant has built a content team that uses video to train customers and increase conversion rates at each of the marketing funnel. In addition, Grant has served as an independent video consultant, teaching marketing teams & marketers without video production backgrounds how to produce high quality video content on a limited budget.

Grant believes he can make a change by revealing the stories of individuals who have overcome a past that would typically cause them to be dismissed in the white-collar workforce. 

He wants to enlighten those who would normally pass judgment and to inspire struggling individuals to seek help, find a passion & find fulfillment in their career.



James Buckley

brand ambassador & HOST of the uncrushed podcast


James holds two roles at RingLead, dedicated to data quality and cleansing.

As Brand Ambassador, James represents them as a speaker, social media personality, content creator and spokesperson. As an avid event goers and presenter, he attends trade shows and preach the gospel of data quality and preventative measures. He is proud (and lucky) to represent such an amazing team with a profound dedication to excellence in the Data, SaaS, and CRM space.

As Business Development Manager, he leads a team of sales reps that provide value to their prospects and customers no matter what the specific need may be. He loves to spend his time teaching his team members how to prospect, execute, and build strong relationships that not only lead to sales but boost retention and reduce churn as well.

Growth can't happen without struggle. James is passionate about UNCrushed because he survived addiction, divorce, grief, depression, and emotional rollercoasters, all of which have shaped who he is today. UNCrushed is a community full of people just like him, that don't judge others, but instead, find paths to show them the way into the light. He couldn't be more proud to have come as far as he has after everything he has been through. That's why he joined UNCrushed and decided to give back to people that need a guide to the light in a world of darkness. Together, with the UNCrushed team, we intend to make a positive impact on all who need to feel it.



jamy berntsen

awareness & growth

Jamy Berntsen.jpeg

Jamy Berntsen is a diversified Technology Development Professional with over 22 years of experience in developing Mobile, Software, and Hardware platforms. She co-founded IBM's first ever Mobile Innovation Lab, as well as was the lead Program Director that launched IBM's Hybrid Cloud. While at IBM she was selected as one 400k people to receive a key influencers ‘IBM Voices award’ for Social Media. Prior to IBM, Jamy was the Divisional Director that launched Intel's first Quad Core processor which now enables Cloud Computing for Fortune 500 Cloud companies. She has lived in six countries, attended five Olympic events, and has traveled the world extensively for both work and pleasure.

On the outside it appeared she had it all together, yet her upbringing had been very difficult, losing both her parents at a young age and witnessing all her siblings suffer from various types of mental illnesses. In July of 2017, she found herself suffering from severe depression, major anxiety, which then led her to seek treatment. Jamy started the next chapter of her life, one that includes setting boundaries, treating childhood trauma, maintaining self-care which led to an increased sense of self-worth.

Jamy brings her personal and professional experiences to UNCrushed, combined with her passion in believing she can make a difference in the lives of others by sharing her story and her path to recovery. Removing the mental health stigma is now one of her main purposes in life. 





Kristy Gibson.jpg

Kristy graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in Art History and Education and received a Masters in Art History just 2 years later. After she got married and due to her husband’s career, she moved around quite a bit and, because of this, has experience working in various fields. She was a Wedding Coordinator in Salt Lake City and held a multitude of different jobs at The National Archives in Washington, DC. Upon returning home to Atlanta and having her children, her work primarily focused on teaching. She was a Teacher and an Art Teacher at their Preschool. After her daughter went to elementary school and with the death of her husband, she went to work for her husband’s family business. She led marketing and account sales for major golf accounts and events including the US Open and The PGA Tour.

During these past five years after her husband’s death, her life has been a series of ups and downs - from Depression and Anxiety to Eating Disorders and Alcoholism. She had followed her husband around for years with his career and then becoming a mom became her priority.  This is the first time that she feels she has had the chance to discover what it is that she actually wants to do with her life. Passionate about the UNCrushed mission, she is ready for the challenges and looking forward to the new adventures to come. 




Marc Pozzuoli.jpg

Marc brings 15 years of experience and expertise in technology and business solutions to UNCrushed. He leverages this knowledge to effectively align and manage technology investments with continuously evolving business goals. Marc has held a number of executive roles including VP Information Technology at Valet Living and Senior Director of IT and Operations at Veri-Tax.

Marc dealt with a significant amount of loss from a young age.  By the time he turned 20, he had lost 2 close friends, one to a freak accident and one to suicide.  In his early 30s he unexpectedly lost 2 more close friends. Then his father had a heart attack that he was very lucky to survive.  The near loss of his father put him into a state of despair. 

Experiencing depression and burnout, he found a lot of healing in candidly sharing his story. Inspired by Lindsey Bogg’s post about the 1 year anniversary from her breakdown, he wanted to give back in some way. When he heard about UNCrushed, it’s was a no-brainer for him.





Tegy Thomas.jpg

Tegy’s 10+ years with project management, community organizing, event management, sales, business development as well as an agile mindset has helped him maintain a sense of belonging to something bigger than himself.  Tegy’s journey has always been about learning from others as well as sharing that knowledge. He also understands what it means to be mindful about including people from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Tegy was born in Kerala, India and has lived in Mumbai, India, Bronx, NY (during the early 80s) and Dumont, NJ before moving to the Washington, DC area in 2003. Tegy reached out to Tim Clarke after experiencing a toxic work culture while also battling complicated grief, developmental trauma disorder, depression, PTSD, ADD, dyslexia and anxiety. Tegy has experienced significant trauma most of his life and is now starting to share his experiences. He has attended various mental health conferences, read/listened to numerous life-changing books, worked with mental health professionals, and participated in support groups to better manage/understand his struggles.

In joining the UNCrushed team, he hopes to learn from others who are also struggling with their mental health and share his journey with others.



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